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Hello my friend!  Welcome to my world.

I can't wait for you to jump on my bus and enjoy the ride together through life's amazing road to who knows where! 

The Art of Distraction in Moderation is my first published book.  Yay me!  I would high-five right now but, as a one-woman team, it looks a little pathetic high-fiving yourself. 

I loved writing my book. It gave me many excuses the past year to cover up my procrastinating days. Those days when the sun is shining bright-the perfect beach day-all I had to say is "I'm off to find some inspiration by the water, see you later".  Alternatively, perhaps a little "I need to catch up with the girls for a long lunch to find me a little material for my next chapter." 

To continue in my quest for inspirational days out, I have begun writing my second book!  I need more reasons to answer the questions: "Where are you going?"; "What are you doing?"; "Why are you looking so tanned?".  My simple reply, "In search of inspiration, don't wait up for me."  Admittedly, you eventually have to produce a book so that you can cover up all the 'research days'.  Done! 

I have so many other book ideas swimming through my head right now that I best be on my way. I have a lunch date, that second book isn't going to write itself.

I hope you enjoy reading my book, getting to know me and please send me any positive feedback!  Any heckling feedback goes straight to spam. I have to look after my 40+ self-esteem. God knows nature is not helping in that department.
I will be 'blogging' every couple of weeks, so please feel free to join my email list. I will send out a funny little newsletter every month, entertaining you with more stories and ideas to engage you, as well as to keep you up-to-date on future books and projects.  I won't bombard you with emails I promise, only the fun stuff.

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