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The distraction expert


About me, written in third person, by me

Monique Doyle has made a life out of being distracted. Unbelievably she graduated with two degrees, held down some corporate marketing roles before realising her ability to master distraction was better spent being self-employed.  Monique has owned and operated many successful and unsuccessful businesses, ranging from online gift stores, to a clothing line for boys, running a pub and bed and breakfast, to now devoting her time to becoming a full-time author.  In between she popped out three kids, all living happily in Sydney, Australia.


Her children all agree living with Monique is like living in the eye of a hurricane, but there is always humour and a lot of love.  Her goal is to move closer to the beach where her distraction can flourish. She only requires a little over $4 million to achieve this.  The Art of Distraction is her first book, and rumour has it; there are a few more books already in the pipeline.  She loves sloths, has a 60% success rate at moderate level Sudoku and is anaphylactic to bees.  


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