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Available in Kindle & Paperback

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In life, we are told to focus. That distraction can prevent us from achieving goals. Never one to follow the rules, Monique Doyle has made a life out of being distracted. In this hilarious and insightful memoir, she shares how distraction can enrich your life. Through a series of disasters, mishaps, adventures and celebrations, she shares how a little distraction can add meaning and creativity to your life.


From breaking into a hotel to kiss U2 frontman Bono to getting advice from Bob Geldof, and from flying across the world to find and then lose love, Monique’s life is full of friendships, family, failures and ultimately FUN and her stories will make you laugh, squirm and cry in equal measure. Interspersed with poems and photos, she will help you find your inner distractions to bring happiness and laughter into your life.


As Monique shows, having a healthy sense of distraction and a strong connection to your right brain can help you tap into your imagination and improve every aspect of your life. You will be inspired and entertained by this daring and…well, rather distracting, book.


Number one key to life.  HAVE FUN and BE INSPIRED! You can achieve this by:

  1. reading this book.

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