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  • Monique Doyle

I am now an author!

I have gone from being a writer to being an author in one push of the Amazon button! My first published book. I admit I don't feel any different initially, but I am confident when people start buying my book, the author gene will kick in!

When my proof copy arrived, my little ones gathered around in awe! I swear this photo was captured spontaneously. Seeing their little faces holding my book made it all worthwhile.

Sometime later, when they actually read a few chapters, there was a little debate or two about certain topics my little ones may or may not have been mentioned in. A few comments were made. Healthy discussions I think! At least I got them reading a book for a change.

Same went for a few friends who may have been mentioned in stories. Always hilarious when they forget little incidents that occurred and swear blind it didn't happen. They can be forgiven, given that the 40+ forgetful gene has kicked in early for them.

Enjoy the book and I will begin my journey towards the next one. Don't forget to say hi!

“A Chinese poet many centuries ago noticed that to re-create something in words is like being alive twice.” Frances Mayes
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